Events & Activities


The Gateway to Adventure

Starting from Sami you may find some extraordinary hiking routes leading to isolated beaches or villages, through locations of astonishing natural beauty. Equip your backpack and get ready to explore the amazing surroundings, following narrow paths that at certain points offer a spectacular view towards the Ionian Sea and Ithaca. Either wise, walk to the acropolis of ancient Sami or go through the ruined village Palia Vlachata, where you can still see the remains of the old village that has been devastated by the 1953 earthquake. The trails differ in difficulty, with some of them being easy while others partly demanding, however all of them reward the walker with unforgettable experience.
  • Cycling

    Beautiful countryside and nice weather provide the best conditions to get in touch with nature and explore the island by bike. You can either follow the coastal road and ride by the sea or enjoy the green cliffs in their lush vegetation, following paths that lead to glades with wonderful views to the Ionian Sea. Cycling you may also visit some of the small idyllic beaches as well as the impressive caves and lakes of Kefalonia. A stop at the traditional villages to rest will refresh your mood to go on exploring more.

  • Short Cruises

    Starting from the port of Sami or from the next village, Agia Efimia, short cruises take you to the islands Ithaca, Lefkada, Meganisi as well as to Scorpios, famous for being Onassis? island for many years. Setting off for a short cruise you will be able to admire the coasts and swim in the crystal clear waters of isolated beaches. If you prefer to enjoy alone with your company, you can also rent a boat from Agia Efimia and spend the day visiting remote beaches of explicit beauty, not accessible by car.

  • Horse riding

    Exploring Kefalonia on well trained horses could be a day to remember, especially when you ride up to the hills or through olive groves and fruit trees. Riding tours and lessons are provided in Sami, with a variety of riding activities for beginners or experienced riders of all age. Following old donkey paths, you will have the opportunity to ride into the countryside, through the forest and old ruined villages or up to the mountains and back to the sea, where you can even swim with the horses.

  • Yoga

    The peaceful location of Sami is ideal for relaxing in natural surroundings, practicing yoga by the sea or in private at the spacious gardens of the villa. The tranquility of the area in addition to the beautiful scenery create a unique opportunity for deep rest and rejuvenation so that you end your holidays refreshed and with more energy.

  • Robola wine tour

    Robola is the local wine of Kefalonia. The winery and vineyards of the Robola Cooperative are set amongst the green hills in the Omala Valley, about half an hour drive from Sami. Visiting the facilities of the Cooperative during the weekdays you will have the opportunity to walk around the winery, taste for free several wines, learn about the winemaking procedure and purchase if you wish.